Vintage Furniture for Sale Atlanta

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Which piece of furniture is your favorite that you own? A lot of us also have other pieces of furniture that are truly just there, you really couldn’t care less about what ultimately happens with it. Once you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of it, you’re fine getting rid of it. If you truly care for a piece of furniture, getting it repaired is well worth the cost. It can take you from truly falling apart to looking like it just came out of the factory. You will want to ensure that it looks as the original did if maintaining monetary value is important to you.

Professional or DIY Furniture Repair

Furniture restoration is a very specific skill and will take many years to become a professional at. DIY repair will never match the quality of a professional job. Your average joe isn’t going to be able to do an hour’s worth of research and re-do a piece of furniture. Not only do you have to be able to source the materials you need, but you need to have specialized tools to do different things that can be extremely expensive to buy outright. Not only will a pro have all the tools they need, but they’ll be able to source any materials they need quite easily. DIY work could potentially ruin your piece of furniture forever.

Restore or Refinish?

Restoring and refinishing is not the same thing. Restoration is generally more along the lines of light cleaning and minimal cosmetic repair. The end goal here is to maintain the antique piece’s structural integrity and outer appearance so it retains it’s value and keeps looking good for years.

Refinishing a piece of furniture involves stripping off the old finish and repainting, reglazing or polishing the final product in order to make it look new again. Any wood pieces are coated with a chemical stripper, sanded, stained, and then finally refinished. Some antiques will lose value after refinishing, as it does alter the original piece. If that matters to you, do your research and be careful with who you have working on your furniture.

Repairing or Purchasing Furniture in Atlanta

While we want to repair your piece of furniture, if it is not a candidate for restoration, you may find another antique to add to your collection! Restoration costs a fraction of the cost of replacement and you get to keep what’s yours for a much longer time. It means it’ll be in good enough shape to pass down to your kids or whatever else you may want to do. However, you may find more antiques with a great company such as Vintage Furniture for Sale Atlanta!