Development of Technology:

Agriculture is one of the occupations which has been practiced all over the world from the time began. From the time people started to settle down, they began to cultivate crops and eat from the harvest. With the advancement of time and technology, men have slowly started to invent things which helped him in various ways. The agriculture tools, animals like cows and oxen to plow the ground. As the development of machines increased, tractors were introduced to make work easier for large scale agriculture.

Tractors Brand

Some of the top tractor brands in the world are:

  • John Deere.
  • New Holland Tractors.
  • Kubota Tractor.
  • Mccormick Tractor.

John Deere:

The company manufactures agriculture machinery and also other equipment needed for construction, forestry, etc. The American corporation company also makes diesel engines, gear boxes and other heavy equipment. The company follows the motto “Nothing Runs like a Deere.”

Deere and Company were founded long back in the year 1836 in Illinois.  Some of the tractors manufactured by the company is

  • Dain All Wheel Drive: The first tractor produced by Deere and Company in the year 1911.
  • Waterloo Boy: In the year 1918, the Waterloo Boy got created.
  • Model D: The Spoker Model D, produced in the year 1953 was not very user-friendly and did not meet the customer’s requirements.
  • GP Tractor: The GP tractor built in five different models had different horse powers like 25 Horse Power, 36 horse Power and in 38 Horse controls.
  • Unstyled row crop tractors

John Deere now has established its company all around the world in countries like Canada, Australia, India, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Turkey, United Kingdom, etc.

New Holland Tractors:

The New Holland Tractors founded in the year 1895 is produced by the CHN industrial. The products manufactured by the New Holland Tractors are Combine Harvesters, Tractors, balers, Forage harvesters seeding equipment, utility vehicles, and many other things. The company founded in New Holland, Pennsylvania was acquired by Sperry Corporation in the year 1970 then later by Ford Motor Company and Fiat.

Some of the awards given to New Holland Tractors are AE50 Award for Engineering Innovation for the CX Opti-Fan System, Silver medal for innovation for many products like T7 Range – Intelligent Trailer Braking System, ECOBraud – Sustainable Viticulture, Smart Key.

Kubota Tractor:

The Kubota Tractor based in Japan, founded in the year 1890 produces one of the best products in the world. The Kubota Tractor Company manufactures many products like Vending machines, pipes, engines, Tractors, construction equipment, and other equipment for sewage treatment, water purification, and air conditioning. The founder of the company is Gonshiro Kubota. The headquarters of Kubota Tractor is in Osaka, Japan.

The company established in many other countries like Australia, Spain, Poland, Germany, etc. has a high quality of service.

Mccormick Tractor:

The Mccormick Tractors are known for its quality and performance. The company founded in the year 2000 has its headquarters in Fabbrico, Italy. The Mccormick Tractor Company specialized in the manufacture of farm tractors, and Compact Tractors has a brilliant product. Currently, about 1000 employees are working in the Mccormick Tractor Company.