Invasion of Tractors:

Agriculture was the prime occupation of men. From the time people stopped being wanderers and settled down, the cultivation of food started. In those days sharp stones were used, as time passed men started using steel instruments for agriculture, then he began to use farm animals like ox and cows to help him in the agricultural sector. Later with the invention of automobiles, tractors were introduced, and it proved to be such the useful machine.The word tractor is a combination of two words, Traction and Motor.


 The following are some of the types of tractors:

  • Sub-compact utility Tractor.
  • Compact Utility Tractor.
  • Utility Tractor.
  • Specialty Tractors.
  • Backhoe Loaders.
  • Track type tractors.

Sub-compact utility Tractor:

The Sub-compact utility Tractor gets used for farming purposes. The tractor has lesser horsepower and a smaller engine. The wheels of the Sub-compact utility tractors are thinner and smaller. The parts of the tractor can be removed and fitted again if needed. Apart from agriculture, the Sub-compact utility Tractor gets used for landscaping, gardening, raking, and land maintenance.

Compact Utility Tractor:

The Compact Utility Tractor is also used for agriculture but not while harvesting on a commercial level. The horsepower in the Compact Utility Tractor is a little above the Sub compact utility tractor. The Compact Utility Tractor has about 24 horsepower to about 60 Horse power.

Utility Tractor:

The Utility Tractor has a better horsepower which is about 45Hp to 140 Hp. These tractors get used for landscaping and farming. The Utility Tractor is known for its multi-purpose functions. The farmer does not need to purchase different parts of the machine separately, and the tractor has various parts attached and many other types of equipment for performing other work and tasks in the field.

Specialty Tractors:

The Specialty Tractors as the name suggests the tractor gets used for some particular purpose. If a crop needs to be specially harvested, then the Specialty Tractors are used. The horse powers of this tractors from various machines.

Backhoe Loaders:

Backhoe Loaders get used in civil engineering and construction projects. The tractor manufactured in the year 1947 by the Wain Roy Corporation. The Backhoe tractors used for digging, small construction work, transportation of building materials, breaking small rocks, landscaping and also used for paving roads are powerful. The tractor experiences a lot of shaking while digging. Thus the tractor is provided with Hydraulic stabilizers to balance the shaking caused. Some of the other manufacturers of the tractors are Bharat Earth Movers Limited, Case Corporation, Hyundai Heavy Industries, John Deere Tractors, New Holland Constructions, Volvo Construction Equipment, etc.

 Large Wheel Loaders tractors:

The Large Wheel Loaders tractors are heavy equipment which is used to load or move aside building materials like sand, rocks, debris, etc. The Large Wheel Loaders tractors have various other names like bucket loader, front end loader, wheel loader, etc.

The tractor has a wide bucket connected to the tractor to scoop the materials such as the sand, construction debris from the ground.