While everybody is very fond of their pets, they detest the way that their home always smells of pet odors. Needless to say, you could let them remain outside all the time and never come into the house. But if you’re anything like me, you would certainly not banish your dog to a life of outdoor living. So in this article, we are going to show you how you can reduce and possibly even eliminate the pet odors in your house.

Handling Cat Litter

To aid you, cat individuals, there is nothing more irritating than walking in your house and smelling the litter box. When you replace the cat litter once or twice a week, you can significantly decrease the smell. Even though you use cat litter that is combined with baking soda, adding more baking soda may help to further reduce cat smells.

If you have a lot of carpet in your home, there is an uncomplicated way to get rid of pet smells. To start with you will need to get a large spray bottle. Now fill the bottle with water. Now continue to spray water all over your carpet. Be careful to only moisten the carpet as opposed to soaking it. Next get baking soda and as evenly as possible begin applying the baking soda everywhere over the moistened carpeting.


After all this, should you be one of the those who have a carpet brush simply brush the carpeting so that the water and baking soda go deep into the carpeting. A carpet brush is just a brush created to be applied on carpeting. In appearance it is closer to a landscaping rake than a normal brush.These could can be found at just about any floor covering store and even most hardware stores carry these brushes.


Permit your carpet to dry out adequately and then vacuum it. While this works great for traditional pet smells, it will not be that effective on urine odor.For that issue you will need to check out a pet store and tell them that your looking for pet urine odor remover.Make certain that the product incorporates enzymes.Typically the enzymes breakdown the urine which can help to lose the smell.Most of these methods will also work with just about any type of household furniture.Just be mindful that the techniques do not damage the fabric.On a final note about the furniture cleaning.If you’re one of those people that invest $5,000 to buy a sofa, you can probably just afford to toss that one away and acquire a new one.Another alternative might be to pay an expert to clean it properly.