For most people, getting heat is merely a matter of pushing a button or turning a dial, which is rather nice but often inconvenient. Solar-powered energy is a very cost-effective way to heat businesses, schools and homes, and it is not tough to do. During the wintertime, there are many ways to capture the rays of the sun. What you require is something like a sunroom which attracts the sunshine and catches the heat.

Building Sunroom

Typically a sunroom is constructed against the house and is made from panels of floor to ceiling glass. Sunrooms are usually constructed to face the morning sun, which allows them to capture a great deal of sunlight. The sun shines in through the glass and heats up the inside of the room. The heat doesn’t escape through the glass, and remains inside. Provided that the room is built the correct way, the heat is extremely efficient, together with being natural.

Solar Heating

Thermal mass, which keeps the heat when it has been absorbed, is another of a number of other forms of solar heating. It works by absorbing and retaining the heat until the sun goes down and then begins to distribute it. One more natural solar heating and ventilation system is the trombe wall, which keeps the heat with air channels. A thermal mass and a glass object are set to face the sun, and the heat is trapped in between them. The wall radiates the heat, which is dispersed through vents after being retained inside this wall. A different one that also utilizes a wall facing the sun is a transpired collector, which heats the air with the assimilated sunshine, as it enters the ventilation system.

A building may be ventilated using a solar cooling system. It uses a steam engine that is run on solar energy, with a cooling device affixed to it, which collects the heat and transforms the steam into ice. The solar chimney, made by hollowing out a thermal mass, is yet another sort of solar ventilation system. Heat is introduced in the chimney, which causes the air to warm up and rise and able to be circulated. There are thus several ways of heating up buildings like your house or a school. There are many ways, but these few serve to demonstrate how the sun’s heat can be utilized by using natural materials. Only sustainable resources are employed and the heating is entirely natural.

These examples may be of use if you are considering heating up your home using only eco-friendly resources. The one source of energy they make use of is the sun. In order to get the most use out of these systems, you might need to live in a place where the sun shines on a regular basis for sustained periods. We all have to have a heat source to warm our homes with.