Bathtub Refinishing Durham NC

Bathtub Refinishing in Durham

Has your bathroom been renovated recently? If not, and your home hasn’t been updated in the last decade, it’s probably pretty outdated and in need of a little repair. If you see signs of wear and tear on your bathtub, or you bathtub is just out of style, consider bathtub refinishing. It is much cheaper than replacing your tub and will bring new life to your bathroom for a much more affordable cost!

Professional vs DIY Bathtub Repair

Don’t even attempt to upgrade your bathtub on your own. Professionals can use the proper materials and chemicals that you won’t be able to purchase off of a shelf at a home improvement store. Reglazing materials are extremely toxic while being used and must be used with extreme care by trained professionals in the bathtub refinishing business. You need to also ask to see proof of prior experience and work samples. You don’t want someone ruining your tub beyond repair!

Resurfacing Your Bathtub

Refinishing will add quite a few more years onto the life of your tub! Good installation and proper care should keep your tub looking and working great for at least a good 10 to 15 years. Maintenance should be just about as simple as cleaning regularly, avoiding anything abrasive like steel wool and sticking with soft wash rags and gentle cleaners. One big thing people don’t often think of is washing pets in the tub – those claws are going to tear up your tub floor. Also suction-cup floor mats should be avoided, you can actually damage your tub with those over time!

Bath Resurfacing Durham, NC

Add instant value to your home by having your bathtubs refinished. No more ugly tub to try to hide! You can show off your flashy new tub to guests as much as you want. Remember, refinishing can also add over 10 years of life to your tub! It is definitely worth the money! Bathtub refinishing Durham NC will work with you to bring you the bathroom of your dream home!